June 10th, 2011 posted in Appsterdam

Appsterdam logoFor those of you who are following/read my tweets you might have noticed me talk about Appsterdam.
Appsterdam is a community of app developer for all platforms, mostly iOS and Android.
Getting to getter and share experiences, ideas and a couple of drinks.

The main force behind this great idea, is Mike Lee (@bmf).

I’ve been active in other development communities when I was still developing in Delphi.
We would meetup once a year, at Borland in the Netherlands, to talk and eat.
Since I switch from Delphi to .NET I really started to miss the NLDelphi community. I still keep in touch with some of the old NLDelphi members.
Looking for the same kind of community but than for .NET, I went to every meeting and conventions I could go to. But these community did no appeal to me at all, I mean there was nog fun. Just boring talks no jokes and most of all a lack of belonging.

Since switching to Object-C and the iOS platform, a choice I’ve yet to regret, it never crossed my mind to check out any communities. When being at a convention for developers in general there talk about a community for app developers.

Since I first heard about Appsterdam I really liking the idea, it could be a great way the share experiences and workout ideas. But It’s becoming more then just a get together.

There will be many things in store for the community, so I’ve you’re an app developer and live in Amsterdam (or nearby) come to one of our meetings. (follow @Appsterdamrs)