Do it right or don’t

May 31st, 2013 posted in Apps Web technology

I’ve been working as an app developer now for about 4.5 years, start developing for the NeoNode N2 and did some development in Imode’s DoJa back in 2003 ( a school project).
Thinking of a nice new app is always been hard, especially if the company comes to you with the just a request for an app.

Many companies have the idea that they really need an app to get in to other markets and young people, and tahts not a bad idea.
But just wanting an app because every one has one is not the best way of going at it.

I’ve made some iOS apps that where just that, a one time fun app or even just a flyer kind of app. Some of which never made it to the AppStore, because Apple said that they had no added value and should just be an mobile website.
And guess what, there right.

There is no need to just get an app just because it hip and happening, its should be adding to the user experience. I’ve you want to be on the mobile market you could just as easily just create a beautiful mobile site.
Apps should added something that the user will use more then once and makes him/her want to use it more often.

Lets have a look at an app that is just there because they could, this is of course my one opinion.


Ikea has an app in the app store to allow you to view the catalogue. Which a great idea, but the app disappoints.
First you download the app, then you need to download the catalogue, which take al long long time.
Then you see that the app is just the paper version but then on your phone.

It does have nice store locator, which show you the nearest store. Which the maps app could have told me.

I understand that the power of Ikea is the fact the you always buy more stuff then you need. They really try to get you in to there stores.
Now here is something they should have build in there app: Have you every used those little pencils and shopping list.
Well the system works, but if you are like me and have a terrible handwriting than you just use the camera on you phone to make a picture of the location in the magazine.
But what if there was an app, made by Ikea, that when I scan the barcode of the product it would add it to a digital shopping list?

They could easily build this, the barcode are already on the labels. Then just and a map of the magazine for the location and you can find your stuff.

There is also a nice possibly here to do some up selling, when you scan an article that requires an other article the app could suggest that to you.

Albert Heijn

Appie is probably one of the best Dutch apps. This supermarket made an app that does more then just be a digital shopping list. Well sorta.

They have all there products listed in the app and will order your shopping list in order of which they can be found.
A new feature is the sync with a shopping list online, now if only you could allow people form your household and push products to the app that would be great. It’s features like these that make the app great.