My firs Mac

January 27th, 2014 posted in Apps Developement Objective-C

Let me start off by saying I’ve not been a mac user since the beginning. The first PC at our home was a Commodore PC 20-II. Which my dad manage to crash the first day we got it back in 1987.

Commodore pc 20II

My first every Computer

My interest in computer did not start until I was around 16, before that I was just using computer for gaming. Which I played mostly at friends’ house since we did not get new computer until 1997 that was able to run the games I liked. When we got a new Pentium 166 MXX and Windows. This was a huge step forward from the old dos machine we had before. Soon after getting this machine I bought my first own machine, a second-hand 386, which I pimped the hell out off. Added an sound card, CD-rom player and even got it to boot Windows 95.

Then for my 18 birthday I got a new machine, a nice Windows machine which really changed my live. I started programming, first in Visual Basic and later in Delphi.

My first Apple Computer.

Around that time all the old machines were still in my room and we were playing games via a LAN networks. A friend of mine had an old Mac which I got when they switch to Windows, the machine had a Apple Portrait Display, sorta like a wide screen but then in the vertically. It came without any Operating system disk and was my first go at mac OS 7. Because it was lacking any operating disks I could not restore the machine and it booted with error about missing system files. Eventually I sold the machine to someone who was interested in the monitor. After that I got one of the first iMacs, blue of course.

I did not do anything with the Mac until after graduation. At college (HBO) I started using Linux because it allowed to me to tweak my system, liking the unix like OS I was always feeling a bit handicapped in Windows. Seeing that some of my classmates bought MacBooks around this time, I was once again interested in Macs. I liked the fact that they just pulled their notebook from their bags and start working on them, no booting and a standby mode that worked.

After graduating and getting a job a C# developer I did not think long about buying a new machine for long. At this point the first Apple iPhone was introduced and talk about Android started. I was really interested in getting an Android phone at that time, since it was running Linux. A system that I knew and liked. So I downloaded the development kit and arrrrggg java. No this could not be right. I really dislike Java as programming language because of it structure. At the same time I was also looking for a new notebook and a friend bought a MacBook a year before. He showed me how his new MacBook was doing about 4 hours on battery and could run Windows, if you really needed it. So that was it then I order a black MacBook.


Soon after getting my shining new MacBook the iPhone 3G was available for sale in the Netherlands and also the T-Mobile G1. I was lucky enough to get my hand on both devices, because colleagues had got them, my first reaction was “wow the iPhone is fast”. The T-Mobile G1 felt like a piece of plastic that was about the break, let alone that the operation system did not feel very finished.

Since I could renew my contract about that time I ordered an iPhone, moving away from my idea of getting an Android phone. I received the my iPhone not much later with an unlimited mobile data subscription, wow those where the days.

Not soon after I started to code some small apps in Objective-C, which really took some getting used to coming from a C# background. But I loved the memory management language since it allowed me so much control.

The company that I then worked for had some big clients. One of them was really interested in getting an app in the AppStore. They wanted a radio streamer, which I happened have build myself because I liked to listen Zeilsteen. This radio stream for this client became my first ever released App, just before Zeilsteen.