Phonetic.NET Library

Ever had to deal with user input which you had to be checked against a list of words or made a simple spell checker. Then you know probably know about phonetics and string compare routines.

Phonetics is the name of a science that deals with converting words to sound values, so you are able to compare words with each other on there pronunciation. String compare make it easy to measure the difference between two strings.

To make things easy Triple Software developed a set of phonetic functions and packed them in a nice library, for free.

The installer package also comes with the String Compare and phonetic library and a demo application to test the algorithms. The demo application can also show you the execute time for each of the algorithms.

Phonetic function supported

  • – Soundex
  • – Mokotoff soundex
  • – Metaphone
  • – Double Metphone

String Compare function supported

  • – Levenshtein
  • – Damerau-Levenshtein